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OBAGI Blue Peel

OBAGI Blue Peel Treatment
Before, During, and After

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If you’re in search for a youthful looking skin transformation, then you might look at the Obagi Blue Peel, known to be a chemical peel treatment and an element of the Obagi Nu Derm Program.

Launched by Dr. Zein Obagi, the ObagI Peel happens to be an impressive treatment for state-of-the-art skin renewal. It happens to be essentially the most highly effective techniques of chemical like peeling, and is particularly viewed as a medium depth deep chemical peel treatment solution. It’s like the TCA peel, as its key active component is trichloroacetic acid. The Obagi Blue Peel, is also typically called “blue peel”, “obagi peel”, and even “TCA peel”.

An advantage to the Obagi Blue Peel which doctors appreciate is the fact that treatment plan can be easily personalised to every distinctive individual by means of controlling the level of the peel. A blueish-green dye is blended together with the ointment formula to reveal and assist the medical doctor the spot that the Blue Peel hasn’t been administered.

A minor inconvenience from the blue peel is that following the paste like implementation, an individual literally resemble a “blue smurf”. However, the by-products in the blue peel resides and stains your skin only temporarily, quickly disappearing.

The blue peel necessitates a number of revisiting visits, simply because it is typically weaker as compared to a complete TCA peel. Typically the non-painful treatment procedures will last for about twenty or so minutes, and it is highly recommended being on the Obagi Nu Derm skin care program as a precursor for the peel.

The Obagi Blue Peel approach enables you to replenish wholesome, wonderful complexion and will often be found in just about every skin doctors and cosmetic surgeons office as part of their skin treatment arsenal.

After the peel therapy is successfully done, the dermatological doctor can supply you additional post treatment method maintenance including the Obagi Nu-derm Program this includes their Obagi Clear, Blender, and Sunfader products to successfully repair a more youthful, healthier looking skin.