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Obagi CLENZIderm

OBAGI SKIN CARE: Obagi CLENZIderm – Normal to Oily:

System contains:
– Daily Care Foaming Cleanser – Gentle foaming salicylic acid cleanser which removes dirt and acne-causing excess oil and leaves the skin clean and refreshed. – 4 fl. oz

– Pore Therapy – A salicylic acid acne treatment which unclogs pores and clears dead skin cells. Pore Therapy prepares pores to deeply absorb the Serum Gel. – 4 fl. oz

– Therapeutic Lotion – The only liquefied benzoyl peroxide acne treatment. Using Soluble Therapeutics technology, this lotion delivers medication deep within the pores to clear acne quickly which helps prevent new breakouts from occurring by targeting acne at its source. – 1.6 fl. oz.

Retail: $150.00
Sale Price: $67 – $77

Fighting Acne with Obagi Clenziderm
Pimples are the most widespread skin condition diagnosed in dermatology. When you are silently struggling with acne breakouts, you are actually in no way all by yourself. Approximately forty-five million American citizens experience acne pimples, as well as many grown-ups. A condition with the skin’s sebaceous glands and hair follicles, the particular red-colored, inflamed bumps that are the hallmark associated with acne breakouts are generally painfully distinct. At last, there’s a simple option in which is targeted on three key factors behind cystic acne and delivers translucent, healthy skin tone that will help cease skin breakouts just before they begin.

Obagi’s CLENZIderm prescription strength pimples treatment system is really the only acne treatment with a liquid version of benzoyl peroxide. Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. is in fact tried and tested to deliver noticeably better complextion as quickly as fourteen days. Additionally, CLENZIderm M.D. is a snap to use and will not need the utilisation of an anti-biotic. Due to this fact, you have available Obagi CLENZiderm M.D. for as long as desired without having to worry about creating a resistance to antibiotics.

Obagi’s CLENZIderm for Normal to Oily Skin is an easy three-step program that features Daily Care Foaming Cleanser, Pore Therapy and Serum Gel. These products are also available in the CLENZIDERM MD Acne Treatment Plan for Normal to Oily Skin and so work together to provide a proven acne control process that generates rapid benefits.

Obagi CLENZIderm for Dry to Normal Skin also is an very easy to apply, basic three step system that also includes Day-to-day Care Cream Facial cleanser, Therapeutic Creme and Remedial Moisturiser. These products can be found separately as well as the CLENZIderm MD Acne Therapeutic System meant for Dry to Normal Skin.

This innovative acne system is developed utilizing established acne fighting components, including a breakthrough, patent pending, break through supplement connected with 5% benzoyl peroxide. When compared to alternative benzoyl peroxides, it penetrates your surface pores extremely, virtually all the way right down towards the roots — to curtail zits precisely where it gets under way. The ending effect can be improved, healthier, breakout-free skin pores and skin.

In case several other acne prescription medications have not already been providing you the outcomes you prefer, see your physician and allow Obagi’s Clenziderm three phase system a shot.

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